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About us

The TIMBERFARM-Kautschukverarbeitungs-GmbH & Co. KG

  • Founded in 2017 by TIMBERFARM GmbH
  • represented by its managing director Mr. Maximilian Breidenstein, who in turn is the founder and managing partner of TIMBERFARM GmbH
  • Core competencies are the processing of natural rubber into standardized industrial intermediate goods

TIMBERFARM is an international investment management, raw material production and trading company with a special focus on the rubber industry.

We are a company in the global rubber industry. We produce rubber, we process rubber and we trade in rubber. We are supported by many shareholders, stockholders and investors who participate in this lucrative business and we look after these investors in our investment management department in Düsseldorf.

Field of activity

Rubber Processing - Production and Marketing of Standard Rubber Products

The processing of raw rubber in a rubber factory into standardized rubber products for the rubber processing industry is regarded as the top class and top stage of the upstream value chain.

At the same time, a processing plant is the key to the global rubber trade, in which the natural rubber segment alone generates annual sales of approximately 15 million metric tons of up to USD 30 billion.

In order to participate in this business, TIMBERFARM has been operating the GRAN PIEDRA rubber factory near Panama City since 2019, which has good connections to the import-export ports on the Panama Canal.

GRAN PIEDRA processes raw rubber into industrial intermediate goods and standard products such as TSR5, TSR10 or TSR20 rubber.

The unprocessed raw rubber, so-called Cup-Lump-rubber, comes from the Panamanian TIMBERFARM - PANARUBBER rubber plantations on the one hand and from other Latin American countries (e.g. Colombia) or African countries (e.g. Ivory Coast) on the other.

There are not enough rubber factories in these countries that can process the natural rubber grown and harvested there.

TIMBERFARM uses this circumstance to optimize and maximize the capacity utilization of the GRAN PIEDRA rubber factory from the very beginning and at the same time to participate in the global rubber trade with the highest possible volume.



TSR stands for Technically Specified Rubber and is by far the most demanded and traded standard rubber product. The TSR5, TSR10, TSR20 products manufactured by TIMBERFARM (the figures correspond to degrees of purity) are partly supplied directly or via international dealers mainly to the tire industry.

Cup Lump


Cup-Lump-rubber is unprocessed rubber which, after the rubber trees have been scratched, is collected in a cup attached to the tree and, after a short time, coagulates into a lump.

High-quality industrial
intermediate goods

thanks to new and ultra-modern rubber factory


PANARUBBER Kautschuk is the rubber label of the TIMBERFARM Group and is composed of PAN for Panama and RUBBER for rubber and thus indicates its origin in the name.

Originally, only the rubber from the plantations managed by TIMBERFARM in Panama was to be processed. In the meantime, however, it became possible to process purchased rubber from other countries in order to offer it under the PANARUBBER label.

Although the rubber tree only grows in certain latitudes, the exact location of a rubber tree has only a very minor effect on the later rubber quality. The decisive processes take place in the rubber factory such as that of TIMBERFARM.

Thanks to an experienced international team, we can offer you a wide selection of high-quality industrial intermediate goods for the rubber industry with our new and ultra-modern rubber factory.


In an ever more rapidly changing world, the observance of sustainable standards in the production of raw materials has become more important than ever. In such a well-connected world, it has become almost impossible not to act in a sustainable way. In today's world, we live in, it has become almost impossible not to act in a sustainable way.

TIMBERFARM has felt committed to these values from the very beginning and always orients its daily actions accordingly.

Social responsibility and environmental compatibility and the resulting fair profitability are at the centre of our work and are summarised under the heading of sustainability. For some years now, investors and customers have been paying increasing attention to these criteria and find them in the offers of TIMBERFARM.

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